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Tax Calculation Solutions for your Online Store

Finally. A tax solution that just plain makes sense.

eMediaSales and Tax Data Systems, Inc., have teamed up to provide the most comprehensive and automated tax delivery system available. This "software and data as a service" provides you with a "setup once and forget about it" tax calculation system for your online store. Our solution provides:

  • The tax calculation plug-in module for your online store
  • First year subcription to Tax Data Systems, Inc. zip-based tax database included
  • Zip-based sales tax rates databases from 1 to 50 states
  • Automated monthly delivery of the tax database directly to your online store

  1 State Edition 50 State Edition
Available Miva Merchant 5.5Miva Merchant Tax Module
Available for Magento Community EditionMagento Tax Plugin
Available for Magento EnterpriseMagento Tax Plugin
Installation Included
Free Support Included
Unlimited Tax Calculations
Flat Monthly Fee
Automatic Monthly Tax Rate Updates
Setup Once and Forget About It
One year Tax Data Systems subscription included*
 - Setup Fee - full installation included $129.99 $1199.99
 - Monthly Fee - automatic tax updates and support included $24.99 $39.99
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On-site Tax Calculations

Unlike many other "cloud-based" tax solutions, we never send your tax transactions off site for calculation processing. So there are no calculation limits, no per-calculation fees, and no reliance on our servers for your shoppers.

  • Tax databases are delivered monthly directly to your store, automatically
  • All calculation are performed by your own store, not by our servers
  • No connections are opened to our servers while making calculations

Already a Tax Data Systems customer, but spending hours manually updating or importing tax rates into your store? It's time consuming AND error prone! Contact us for information on how to get just the module and tax delivery service independent of your existing tax database fees!


The Fine Print

We provide the tax module, the first year subscription to Tax Data Systems Inc. databases, support and automatic delivery of the tax rates to your server. When you purchase our service, you are also becoming a customer of Tax Data Systems, Inc, and we will provide your contact information to them. Tax Data Systems, Inc., will bill you directly for the second year and subsequent annual database subscriptions, which is approximately $100/state for single-state editions or $500 for the 50 state edition.

You are solely responsible for complying with all sales tax regulations in any state in which you do business, and neither eMediaSales or TDS is responsible for reporting or guaranteeing accuracy of your tax collection, reporting and submission to the proper sales and use tax authorities.