www.emediasales.com: Illinois Requires Tax on Shipping+Handling

Illinois Requires Tax on Shipping+Handling

Posted Apr 16, 2012

Mid-month update due to Illinois clarifications

We've been advised by one of our customers that Illinois is now requiring shipping to be taxed if combined with handling. An interim update has been published.

A rare mid-month update was published today and automatically pushed to connected stores, since the state of Illinois has clarified their requirement for taxing shipping that isn't provided as an exact shipping cost independent of any handling fees. We've worked with Charles and team at TDS to ensure the databases going forward from May 2012 include this flag, and updated our systems in advnace of their May 2012 files.

All stores have received new updated tax rates automatically, there is nothing for you to do other than to verify the setting in your module admin that indicates if you are charging exact shipping or both shipping and handling together (Miva Edition).